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Why I don't see the address of the Angels?

Users cannot see any address on the website due to security reasons and to prevent Angels from receiving unexpected or unregistered customers from Parkmybag. In this way, moreover, your check-in experience will be much easier and faster. 

No. No passports or travel documents should be left within your bags while they are stored with Parkmybag. Keep travel documents with you at all times.

After the booking process, you will receive an email with the address you need.

Yes, bookings must be made online through the website  for insurance and security purposes. The booking process only takes a minute and the website is mobile friendly. Cash payments in store are not accepted. You are not protected by our insurance cover if you do not book online.

No, we set a fixed price. There will be no additional cost if your suitcase is heavier or larger than usual.

Rates are calculated daily (from 00.00 to 23.59). If you decide to pick up your bags after midnight you will have to pay an extra day. 

Of course, you can! Our service has been used and appreciated customers in UK. Each Parkmybag Angel has an own webpage where you can check user rating. Our partners have been carefully verified by our staff in order to guarantee a safe service and a great local experience. Angels can be restaurants, groceries, hotels, bike rental and much more!

Furthermore, payment is secure. You have two options: you can use a credit card or your Paypal account.

Yes, if you arrive bit late for check-in or check-out it will not be a problem. Always remember to check carefully the opening and closing times of the chosen luggage storage.

Yes ofcourse,but you need to request a refund before the drop off time,After the drop off time you will not be eligible for a refund.

Yes, any baggage, regardless of size, must be included in the online booking. The angel will not take any extra luggage that was not booked online. 

Yes, each piece of baggage is covered by a 500€ guarantee, no matter what country you find yourself in.

No, there are no limits, even very large and very heavy luggage can be stored, 

Please be advised that valuables, including electronics and travel documents, are stored at your own risk. Parkmybag insurance policy covers your storage up to €500 (or equivalent in other currencies) against loss, theft and damage. We recommend you don’t store luggage worth more than this value, because in the unlikely event of an incident, you will not be able to claim more than  €500 per luggage. Our T&Cs prohibit storage of certain items, including cash and securities